GH Medical System

GH Medical System is a sophisticated Web Application. User can access the system through a web browser (Microsoft Internt Explorer) anywhere or within a secured VPN network.




  1. Transaction Register
  2. Receivable Management
  3. Payable Management
  4. Adminitration
    • User Management (add, edit, delete and privilege control)
    • Referral Account Management
    • Discount Type Management (discount and credit control)
    • Examination management
    • Commission Account Management
    • Commission Type Management
  5. Account Summay
    • Daily Report
    • Monthly Report
    • Report by Catagory
  6. Printing
    • Transaction Detail Label
    • Barcode Label
    • Test Sample Label
    • Customer Receipt
    • Medical Report  
  7. Mutliple Sites Support
    • Single Site Management
    • Multiple Sites Management
    • Centralized Statement Management


  1. Referral Account Self Service Online Film View
  2. Different Label Setting
  3. Data Communication between Equipment


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